Beauty from Within is more than just a beauty brand. It speaks of how beauty needs to be cultivated and in such a way manifest a greater level of self worth in order for modernized society to appreciate the Beauty Within Everything. The objective is to apply the human behavior science discipline in the context of unconventional interventions – to make a positive difference in society.


We have 4 focus areas; WELLNESS, WOMEN, EDUCATION and CHARITY. We believe these areas focus on the holistic concept of WOMANHOOD and MANHOOD.

WELLNESS: ” Get your Glam on and Live Well “

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. We take an Holistic Approach to Wellness, especially Women’s Wellness.
We focus on the following: Spiritual Glam Mindful Glam Nutritional Glam; Health Glam

WOMEN: “Women are the driving forces of Society”

Women need to realize they are far more worht than rubies. Beauty is a light in the heart.

We host various customised programmes to equip Women with the necessary tools to face the world and to take on any challenge with dignity and pride.

Progammes include : Beauty Bootcamps; Skills Development Programmes; Life Skills Workshops, Team Building Workshops and Events  

EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMMES: (especially designed for Schools; Primary and High School)

#MANUP:  “Heal the boy inside so the Man can stand up”… Because every man was once a boy…

– The programme is needs based; we design workshop based on “issues” on school. Our workshops are unconventional, fun, interactive and a learning experience.

#GIRLUP: “Heal the girl inside, so the Lioness can rise”

-Girls need to be brought up how to be “kept” with society. We face a society where there are not suffient role models within communities. Girls need to know their value and how they should “handle” themselves. They should be taught no matter what the modern commodies of Beauty are, they are Beautiful just the way they are!




  • Skills Development Programmes (Needs based)
  • Team Building events (Host and Facilitate)
  • Empowerment Talks & Speeches (Various Platforms)
  • Keynote Speaker (Various Platforms)



We assist various organizations with programmes and services, with one goal in mind – To make a positive impact and change within society.




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