::AgainstAbuse365:: The Silent Killer

•Written From a Childs Mind•

I want to feel happy and live my life to the max.

But sometimes my smile is as cold as candle wax.

I am told I have big brown beautiful eyes.

A window to my soul but who really sees my quiet cries.

My insecurities grow stronger day by day, all I can do is go to bed and pray.

That someone one day will listen to what I say.

My heart would be happy and I can focus on the rest of my day to play.

Hidden are my silent tears as they flow freely

and all that helps is when I hold my teddy dearly.

The horrible pain has gone on to far long

but all that blocks it is the hum to my own little song.

Do you know how much strength it takes to speak up just for my mouth to be closed up.

Thoughts go through my mind as they see me suffer but still nothing to buffer what i feel.
Soon on my forehead will be branded “Damaged goods”

so its better to suffer in isolation to sooth my moods.

I soon gave myself the sentence for life as I stood to see who was the one holding the knife.
For you are someone I know why wont you let me go?

My nightmares of monsters are true and some of them are you…
Now I am part of the statistics,
A number on a page, that would never have the chance to engage!

There comes a time when silence is betrayal.

Sadly… that time is NOW. 

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