::AgainstAbuse365:: Can you feel the “Hit”?

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. 
Lets give the term “fear” some meaning. It involves a typical emotional response, a state of anger. Instead of allowing ourselves to show just how terrified we are, we always lean towards typical responses. We utter words we don’t mean. Words cant break bones but they can break hearts! What happen to respect, dignity and self worth. Feeling worthy towards yourself.

When words “Hit” it is permanent. You can apologize but once it is there, it is what it is. Lets start speaking about what concerns us. What makes us angry. And what we are unhappy about. Lets return back to basics, talk it out!!!!
If the wounds on our hearts and the bruises on our soul start showing on our skin…. we wouldn’t be recognized at all. We are suppose to love and protect each other. Some of us holds more scars than you will ever see. Can we break the “Hit” cycle?

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