Publicly Ordained

Isaiah 43 :4 “You are precious in my sight; you are honored”

                                                                     :7 “Everyone who is called by My Name, who i have created for My glory, I have formed, I have   made him”


How often do we have as women have to go through the feelings of feeling hopeless, useless, some of us even hear these words daily “you are useless”!How often do we believe it? how often do we cry ourselves to sleep at night, no sound of weeping, but only tears falling on your pillow? Words uttered maybe unintentionally maybe not even known to the sender that it was pretty hurtful. It comes to mind that words cannot break bones but it will definitely break hearts.

In the different spheres of life, we as women always find ourselves fighting. We fight for a rightful place in society, the workplace and some of us even fight for a rightful place in the household. How often do we have to face people who live to demean and belittle us? We do not fight for equality we fight for neutrality. To me the biggest fight we as women have to fight is being treated equally in a Man’s World. “An attacked on gender is an attack on the image of God”.

Well ladies, I have never met a strong person with an easy past! So join me as to how we are going to fight like a typical girl!  How we are going to step into our destiny, publically!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, never let anyone make you believe differently. Remember God’s plan for your life isn’t about you – but it is for you. A spirit of a warrior resides in you. The attacks on your life has got nothing to do with the person you were in the past, it has everything to do with the person you are going to be in the future.

Lisa Bevere speaks in her book – Lioness arising- We are women! We are image bearers of God. We are the crown of the creation. We were chosen before time and space and we were wholly and dearly loved. We are sought after, pursued, romanced, the passion exists only within our one true love – Jesus. We are dangerous in our beauty and our lives give power. We are needed everywhere!

This brings me to my final point, we know of a Man who loves us with all His heart and soul!

Rise up like a Lioness…. She rises to gather strength, she rises to greet and groom others. She rises to hunt. She rises alongside other lionesses. She rises to move the young to safety. She rises to confront enemies that threaten the pride. She rises to walk with her King.

You deserve to be PUBLICLY ORDAINED!





  1. CanDchris says:

    Another well written post Dee…..well done super proud of u

  2. Delmaine says:

    Thank you my angel! 🙂

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