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“Not a Beauty Queen – Just be You, All of YOU!

Every girl deserves to look and feel like a Queen on the biggest night of her school career. Beauty From Within’ primary objective is to enhance natural beauty and at the same time manifest a greater level of self-worth, which ultimately breeds self-confidence.

I found in our working class communities a lot of parents can’t afford to host these big parties our society have become accustomed to, let alone afford a dress or shoes, in order for their child(-ren) to attend the matric dance.
Yes, there are different debates and opinions as to how parents should ensure they provide for this night, but what if they REALLY can’t. Trust me- I walked in household where there is literally nothing to eat the same night. Not even electricity to get them through the night. And I am sure, we all know of such house holds.
I honestly believe, investing in underprivileged communities – as I believe we should see the need not the cause! Yes, I won’t be able to provide for all ( as I am still also providing for myself), but one of the many things my parents taught me in life is to GIVE to those that don’t have, even if it’s your last! And a little goes a long way, so where I can make a small impact or difference – my job is done!

My Queens’ Project is very straight forward. I do assess, evaluate and set up a short interview with the candidates. Because the need has to be a need, if you know what I mean. We have to take time to build a community, to get to know them in order to have longer lasting benefits.
If we as a community don’t step out and help each other, then who will? We rise by lifting others!

I am proud to introduce Rozalia from Bishop Lavis, she attends Bishop Lavis High School. Her aunt attended a Womens Conference in August and happened to win one of the vouchers I sponsored. Of course because Rozalia’s matric ball was coming up in September. Her Aunt was generous enough to give her to voucher to use.
Sceptical as Rozalia was, as she never wears makeup she told me she wants a “Beyonce look” – yet very natural. Beauty From Within specializes in the “Au-naturel” look, my job was easy. It was my pleasure to spend the afternoon with Rozalia and her family, such humble people!

and for Rozalia’s look – please see photos below! (Sorry for quality, my IPhone had to do the trick)

Stay Be-You-Ti-Ful!



img_3925 img_3936 img_3933



  1. CanDchris says:

    So proud of u Dee ? because of u this young lady will look and feel beautiful on her special night….tgis memory will stay with her forever

  2. Delmaine says:

    @Candice. So true hay. A little goes a long way. We can make a small difference in the lives of others and change their life forever!

  3. Glendelene says:

    She looks amazing! Love what you are doing Mynie! God bless you on your journey! Mwah

  4. Ronelle says:

    Wonderful work with social impact! Keep it up!

  5. Delmaine says:

    Thank you Ronelle!

  6. Delmaine says:

    Thank you Glendie 🙂

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