The Real Treasure

Luke 12:34: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be…”

The outside is only gift wrapping! We all know the excitement it brings when you receive a gift, that is wrapped. The adrenaline that secretes are beyond explainable, when you unwrap the gift. The smiles you have on you face – up until wrapping is completely off! Now walk with me as we go on this treasure hunt…

In today’s day and age, everything has become commercialized. Yes, business is business, but it is up to us how we perceive and receive the message. We are bombarded daily with advertisements, messages and even images on “how we should look”. Because we are followers of real time, we tend to fall into that trap. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying – I am not one of them. Of course I am! We spend a big bag of cash, purchasing the most expensive products – beauty, hair and makeup. Yes, and I love to take long romantic walks to the Make Up aisle – you should know this my now!

We become the merchandisers for those who are trying to sell us the merchandise. We promote their products and then become the brand ambassadors of their brand. How foolish can we be! We want to hide behind the masks of these products. We hide behind masks of beauty products – foundation, powder, waterproof mascara and best of all to top it off, lipstick! We play the game of hiding not for anyone to find us. But little are we aware that the one who can see through the layers of foundation – is omnipresent. We are living the charade and we are always on parade. To get the likes of people. We try to do everything right – as society prescribes- but when nothing happens, we think “what did I do wrong”?

Let me give it to you straight up what is wrong! We have become to average, shallow and superficial. Do we spend that much time on investing to treat our inner souls, as much as we spend time on “looking right”? No we don’t. We spend too much time, perfecting our outer beauty for people to like us! Look at it this way; we spend so much time perfecting the look, neglecting your inner self – by the time the gift will be unwrapped – they will be disappointed. As it was not the gift they expected it to be. Quit wasting time, spend as much time on feeding your inner soul, as you spend on your outer. Let them balance out. It’s time to go back to the source of attractiveness – Jesus! He should be the lover of your soul! And what a good feeling it is to have the mutual love relationship. Let’s focus on the being the gift, the real treasure. Remember not all treasures are silver and gold.  People may not always see the treasure God has placed within you, so don’t place too much value on the opinions of others. Trust that God knows what’s in you and He will choose you even when others overlook you.

In Christ are hidden all the treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge! My only question I have for you is: “Do you have the courage to bring forth this word? The treasures that are hidden inside?”

Remember in your soul are infinitely precious gems that can never be taken from you! So go on and find the Real Treasure, as it is locked up on the inside. Your key is found in the book of Life!


Stay beautiful… as we remember Beauty starts from within…







  1. Karen says:

    Stay blessed as you’re beautiful inside and outside.

  2. CanDchris says:

    Wow so inspirational Dee. Keep on doing what u are doing.

  3. Delmaine says:

    Thank you babe!

  4. Delmaine says:

    thank you! 🙂

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