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Empower to Believe ~ Manifest to Uphold ~ Sustain to Be



Delmaine Van Niekerk – BA Psych (Counselling) – is the founder of Beauty From Within. She has a rooted passion to work with people from all walks of life. Her vision was to learn the art and skills of beauty as her creative and vibrant personality enabled her to believe – where passion and skill can come together you can expect a Masterpiece. Her masterpiece came together where she realized…. Beauty goes deeper than the eye of the beholder, it evolves from the 4 quarters of the heart! and her masterpiece was born: Beauty From Within™


Alongside her professional career, as Independent Organisational Consultant, where she renders services with expertise in Human Resources and Employee Wellness; she is also a Professional Make-up Artist. All her training was done through the Head2Toe Makeup & Hairstyling School. She worked with many professionals and celebrities– local and international-, who have all been mentors on her journey.
She has a rooted passion to work with women from all walks of life. Most of the time women forget their worth and how valuable they are with society and a community.


  • Everywhere we are bombarded with beauty tips and advice about your body and clothes.
  • We believe Beauty has Power.
  • We use the framework of the Beauty Industry to manifest a greater level of self worth.
  • True beauty starts from the four quart rends of the heart. It is nurtured through feeding your soul with positivity. Therefore… Beauty starts from Within.
  • We further more believe there is Beauty Within Everything, there we host #ManUp workshops for men and young boy. Men need to be taught to appreciate the beauty of a woman.


The objective is to serve the lower socio-economic class within underprivileged areas in and
around Cape Town – with the hopes of expanding beyond the borders of the Western Cape.
We serve: Women’s Groups, Youth Groups; Safe houses for abused Women and Primary and High Schools.